1000Ah Battery Bank Part5 – Equalizing and Reconditioning a Sulfated Battery Continued

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  1. spturks says:

    to break the sulfates u need 15.5 volts

  2. ro prepper says:

    Even if the battery is agm , if you remove the top plate, remove the
    safety valves aka the rubber plugs you can add water to the battery, the
    battery will “metabolize” the water , it works a fie times then you cant to
    it anymore but for 1 time it will be ok, i added 2 times water to my agms
    and they perform very well and the water was loosed do to high voltage
    charging so your scenario. Hope it helps, Have a nice day and keep the
    videos coming you are doing a very nice job .

  3. ExStatic Bass says:

    This is something I’ve been studying for a while now. Try a high current,
    high voltage, pulsed charge system. In other words you can take any 555
    timer circuit and use it to drive a FET on your old school charger to turn
    the current on and off. I would set it at about 1 half second pulse every
    20 seconds or so. In my experience this works fairly well for getting
    battery banks desulfated and equalized. It also works to somewhat reform
    dead cells. It’s not a cure-all fix but it is better than boiling off your
    electrolytes. A standard run for this is about 1 week. I have used it on
    the SLA gel batteries in my UPS’s more than once and it brings those back
    fairly strongly. You’ll loose about 0.223% capacity over 1 year with this
    method on the standard UPS battery types.

  4. abyssunderground says:

    After doing my “reconditioning” on my 90Ah AGM I only get 12.6v open
    circuit. I think it’s safe to say this battery is beyond repair.

  5. Bernie other says:

    you do get long winded / are you a lawyer or tech writer by chance?

  6. pontiusmalachus says:

    Dude, your work is great. I refer to you all the time in regard to 12v
    systems and inverters. I built my own Go-kart engine/150 amp alternator/car
    battery/inverter charger just about the time I started watching your vids.
    You really helped me out in a few spots where my education on the subject
    matter was lacking. My only complaint about your videos is the incessant
    lip smacking every time you come to a pause in what you’re saying. Video
    making 101…don’t let the camera hear your spit.

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