9 Responses to “Deka Unigy II AGM Battery Bank”

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  1. kricotas says:

    how much goes for $?? and where is located? thanks

  2. energyfinance says:

    @kricotas Click on their url for details, right!!

  3. energyfinance says:

    Hasn’t a buss board system proved to be better over time than the way you
    have connected your batteries here?

  4. pro311031 says:

    shouldn’t the connector bus be copper?

  5. sonofagunM357 says:

    How long does it last? if the battery on my samsung galaxy lasts 6 hours on
    heavy use how long does this last on heavy use?

  6. Erin Kemuel says:

    one year give or take

  7. sonofagunM357 says:

    i mean how long do they last before they have to be recharged (amp-hour)

  8. gdbanks2007 says:

    She said they can build it to the amount of amp hours you need. On the
    website i see them ranging from 300 to 1700 amp hours

  9. Vigilant says:

    it is plated copper.

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