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  1. Danny Mcdonald says:

    that looks great, nice and neat- very stable looking. that really change my
    idea of mounting. good job eric

  2. Gadget Addict says:

    I was very confused when you kept saying its just 4 panels :p

  3. Eric Layton says:

    Wow I just noticed that…I had installed another panel and was so used to
    saying I had “4 panels”.

  4. Eric Layton says:


  5. Joe R says:

    Why not buy two of the 250 watt panels?

  6. Lanny Davidson says:

    Nice solid setup. Keep adding on till you go fully solar. Greetings from
    sunny Jamaica.

  7. James Zawacki says:

    1:39 :D

  8. James Zawacki says:

    Looks nice and professional. Good job!

  9. Eric Layton says:


  10. Eric Layton says:


  11. Don Merrill says:

    I counted 5 panels lol

  12. gunthreadadapters.com says:

    Teh maths, they don’t haz you! ;-)

  13. Nathan Conley says:

    Really nice setup! I’m just starting out and have bought a 35ah 12v battery
    and 1 100 watt panel for now!

  14. timcat100 says:

    4 panels or 5 panels. 120 or 220 …what’s the difference…who cares!

  15. aeroscope says:

    That guy doesn’t know how to count. basic arithmetic. 

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