DIY Solar Ice Maker – solar powered ‘off grid’ ice maker – easy to set up! – use HFT panels

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  1. Mindy Elliott says:


  2. joohop says:

    good lad

  3. ManfromEarth2010 says:

    nice one, thanks

  4. Philip G says:

    call me i need to how how much you spend on the Panels and investor? call
    561 302 3266 Philip i live in florida in est time zone 

  5. Nora Momtazi says:

    Great , you make it seem so easy!!!
    Now, I like to use a similar system to run a small 12V AC system with its
    compressor, its motor and its fan but don’t know how to figure out the size
    of the solar panels for all of that. What do you suggest?

  6. swanyut says:

    never seen a little ice maker…awesome..santa just brought me a 1000watt
    pure sine wave a 85w and 100watt panel on my 2 battery
    system….gotta try this out…when i find an ice maker…

  7. BushPilot444 says:

    Someone that knows what they are doing can add a ‘starter coil’ (really
    more like a condenser on a car motor) that stores enough juice to get you
    past the initial spike of starting up. Full size A/C units use them
    routinely. Even on my motor coach roof units.

  8. Jason Yeo says:

    love your works, which off grid ice maker do you recommended?

  9. pamela parker says:

    i LOVE it

  10. HealthyPrepper says:

    Making Ice with the Sun! :) Love this Prepper Ice idea! :)

  11. Southlander1000 says:

    Love it! Thanks for showing this one.

  12. David Hall says:

    Add a start capacitor so hard start kit to the compressor on the Ice
    machine, it will drop you watts. 

  13. PyR0Star says:

    Where is my offgrid snow cone?

  14. ryan brown says:

    Excellent – pair this up with a home made cooler box and you’ve got a
    fridge & freezer running for free.

  15. Anjum Siddiqui says:

    Impressive setup, how much was the total Solar Panel unit cost? Solar
    Panel, Inverter, Batteries. As you mentioned, would one 90W solar panel
    would be enough for this type of setup?

  16. Leifur Thor says:

    You are awesome, and great video!

  17. JesusIsGodAlmightySavior GodJesus says:

    Wow! Ice Maker info please???

  18. Jarod Morris says:

    Add this to your ice chest air conditioner system and you’ve got all
    aspects of an air conditioning system from the sun. Love it. 

  19. FLOODK9 says:

    Where can I get the Ice maker??? Please. this is an awesome Idea In FloridA
    just imagine….

  20. sethmeistergee says:

    Cool! Can you show the wiring diagram and part numbers involved so we can
    duplicate your setup?

  21. Angela - Suzuko Nakai says:

    Love it. is good…

  22. whosu1 says:

    Are you making enough solar power to run a fridge/freezer?

  23. Justin Boal says:

    Festival goers dream!!! 

  24. Adonai Zedek says:

    instead of water could you add lemon juice and water or a banana and water
    mix for a frozen smoothie on the road

  25. lester tatum says:

    great device also liked the scoop. lot of production in a short time make
    up time is very good. what about clear ice? how about adding a filter plus
    have that quick production wow!

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