DIY Water Turbine Powered Mini Electric Generator

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  1. Walldo says:

    now you’re playing with power

  2. noah thompson says:

    Connect another mini generator to your first generator and you’ll have
    infinite power.

  3. TheRadicalOne says:

    In post apocalyptic America you are going to be the Lightbringer*. * As
    long as there is a nearby source of running water.

  4. wbeaty says:

    Try the other stuff in the main article too. Neo supermagnets are 10x
    stronger. Those “buzzing egg” magnets have poles on their sides, and can be
    spun inside a little plastic tube. Glue a nail head-first to the each end
    of the egg to become the axle. Or, buy small ring supermagnets with poles
    on the side, buy from Supermagnetman. That generator only needs about 30
    turns of wire to do the same job as the cardboard generator with 300 turns.
    (Detected SA traffic)

  5. Snigglesnock says:

    put like 10 of em on a waterfall and you have something to attract bugs at
    night wahoo A+

  6. stoatbringer says:


  7. Matthew Jacobus says:


  8. george scores says:

    his water company cut him off till he paid 30000 dollars

  9. david parfitt says:

    not a bad hobdy, nice and cheep to ;) my generator cost £130 to make ;(

  10. martin perkins says:

    try hooking that up to a self refilling flask

  11. Mista Aries says:

    how is it made

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