Emergency Generators

Emergency Generators- Honeywell 5500

Emergency generators are a must.  There simply will always be times when you need immediate power and the only way to accomplish this off grid is with a gas powered generator.  We always recommend having a gas generator (gasoline, diesel, methane, natural gas, propane, etc).  The other thing that generators such as this will provide is portable power or the ability to scale up to do certain tasks that may no be required at all times.  For instance, there are people who will need to occasionally weld, or run a high volume pump or a bunch of power tools.  For those times, solar power or wind generators are just not going to cut it if you have sized those systems to you regular daily needs.

Another benefit of these types of generators is that they are portable to a degree, so that if you need to run a small 2000 watt generator in another location you can carry or pack that size of unit wherever you need it.

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