Free power- How to convert an old washing machine into a water powered generator

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  1. Just Sage says:

    More great ideas for the survivor in the family!

  2. Tom Grimshaw says:

    How to convert a washing machine into a water powered generator – enough
    power to live off the grid

    A step by step guide showing how to convert a smartdrive washing machine
    into a pelton wheel dc generator making 780 watts – enough power to live
    off the grid. All you need is a head of water. How to convert a washing
    machine into a water powered generator – enough power to live off the grid

  3. Wayne G says:

    Damn I just junked a duet washer because the barrel support broke.

  4. VanIsleNuckFan says:

    @jsullivan if you run a good amount of hose to the creek, and then up the
    creek, maintaining a downward flow the whole way, you should experience
    more than enough pressure even with just a 1-2 foot drop overall.. Good

  5. VradisTheGreek says:

    yes but dont you waste all that water?

  6. Marsha Williams says:

    How much is your water bill….the truth.

  7. Hassan shah says:

    try to replicate stanley meyer

  8. jangofet555 says:

    can u generate more power with a water pressure turbine than it takes to
    pump the water at the turbine? if so, why dont we have free energy yet? can
    someone help me please.

  9. seancpcp says:

    Awesome. How long till the Government notices and pays you a visit I

  10. Frozensyco says:

    Free is very limited in this vid, cause you must be paying high water
    bills. Find a way to reroute the water used, that would make it free.

  11. Sam McPherson says:

    best smart drive water turbine video ive seen so far, your very lucky
    having over 40 meters of head on your property at that flow rate, cheers

  12. Olaf Ostrogof says:

    I see, very very smart!

  13. Ben Hansen says:

    I love all the water comments, water is the prime mover in the gravity
    water cycle!. It gets lighter-evaporation, then gets
    heavier-precipitation, then runs pelton turbines on the percolation end of
    the heavy cycle just before the evaporation kicks in again.

    This is why global warming is so powerful, more heat means more
    evaporation. Nice to live with that much head on hand!.

    Love the drill valve controller!. 

  14. James Watson says:

    With the advance of Technology and Science,
    It is clear that you can build Magnetic Generator to power your home.
    One Engineer called John Richard showed it on his website ..
    Go To This Website: **

  15. Adrian Miska says:

    So basically this is just a watermill? :D

  16. LA ODE RUSTAM Efendi says:

    Goog technology 

  17. LA ODE RUSTAM Efendi says:

    Green technology 

  18. tony rishkofski says:

    that is very interesting. i wonder if you had a 300lt tank and installed a
    dc pump to circulate the water would it be considered a perpetual unit?

  19. A B says:

    So water pressure forces your Pelton wheel & drive shaft into motion, but
    where is your rotor with permanent magnets attached to it? How are you
    inducing current into your stator coils/winding?

  20. white cloud says:

    How many metric tons of water is required to achieve generation per sceond?

  21. Clayton DeMond says:

    at :55 he shows the parts he uses for the rectifier. anyone know what the
    black square things are called? i’m trying to make up a parts list of what
    i need to get to make my own…

  22. MegaNerd Zero says:

    how much things you can power up with one of these? if someone have a big
    house should make 2 of those?

  23. Scott Renfroe says:

    Can you get 220 out of this setup? (I dont know a whole lot about
    electricity, probably just enough to keep from getting electricuted). If
    not, can two of these be built and ran together to get 220? Im not trying
    to run my whole house but if I can just seperate my pool off my bill that
    would save me 100 bucks a month easy…

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