HHO Generator Kits – Water for Fuel – Mythbusters and HHO?

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  1. David P. Murray says:

    If you want to improve you car engine efficiency
    and save on your car fuel expenses
    There is a better way to do it – it is HHO Gas
    Using Hydrogen Hybrid alternative for improving
    your car miles per gallon or kilometer per liter
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  2. Ls9819 says:

    There generator dint work because the schematic they used was terrible you
    can find different ones all over the internet some create up to 6 L of HHO
    gas a minute and another way you know the one they found was bad is because
    a bubbler wasn’t even included in the schematic 

  3. lisa lavergne says:

    yah i agree with Ls9819

  4. rfn944 says:

    The real myth is these guys don’t exist. They are dummies.

  5. acrh22 says:

    This garbage has been debunked a long time ago.

  6. gonzoblue03 says:

    They did it wrong my brother did a smaller one with stainless steel sheets
    and bubbles up really fast and produces HHO not in a massive amount cause
    it was just an experiment, I’m just saying maybe the government paid them
    to stop people from making it, next thing you know it’s going to be illegal
    to create or have anything running with HHO.

  7. afterhoursmechanic4u says:

    I did this 10 year’s ago to 1985 Porsche 944 with my own designs still
    works beautiful. Them guys try to make things look harder then it seams
    paid to dumb you down into not trying or doing.


  8. Atlas Atlante says:

    Of course ain’t never ever gonna work there’s no profit #stupid

  9. SunnY says:

    2014 Best Fail Aquarium

    Best faiill !!!!

  10. NBSV1 says:

    You uploaded this video a while ago. Where’s one of you actually installing
    one that works? Even producing enough hydrogen to supplement the gasoline
    in any worthwhile amount would be good. It seems like nobody actually has
    one, but lots of people know of one or have a buddy that has one that
    works. Almost like they take more power to work than they can produce. 

  11. Nunya Biznez says:

    Funny, never see working ones.

  12. albert santos says:

    I like these show is it still on???

  13. dispatcher7007 says:

    And there is anything combined that can be said über HHO. It’s a scam!

  14. Peter Frank says:

    the generator works – but are the people are to stuipid to build this- USA
    make war for oil this many better as free energie

  15. Spartacus32145 says:

    I just heard of this HHO thing yesterday from a friend in class, thinking
    of putting one in my 70 Chevelle SS – 502 V8 BBC, T600 Trans.. Is this a
    good idea? Should I go with a pro made kit? Any advice is appreciated.
    Also, is this the same thing that one guy came up with in the 60′s or 70′s
    before he “mysteriously” ended up in a ditch? Fascinating idea..

  16. mark spencer says:

    i wonder how much the illuminati got involved n this video, no way do they
    want to know cars can be run on such a plentifull source of fuel, if
    hydrogen can send a rocket to space it can defently run a car

  17. paul sharp says:

    Fuck off mythbusters youve been proved to be frauds!!! Im sure Lonnie
    Jonson the inventor knows more then you pair of divs

  18. Валера Капитан says:

    FUCK U two JEWS from the world government!!! FUCK U AND DIE!!!!! HHO

  19. pol1250 says:

    This is ridiculous!! These bunch of idiots are paid by the oil industry to
    make a great invention look stupid!! No facts, no proper testing just
    talking bullshit!! That’s how the gouvernment tries to manipulate the
    citizens with lies and false informations. So disappointing….

  20. Jimi Bonne says:

    i agree mythbusters are BUSTED

  21. mraren100 says:

    I watch Mythbusters and it is a joke. I have installed a HHO Generator on
    my 4.0 Litre 6.Cylinder FORD TERRITORY. City running not that efficient
    due to not travelling far enough to gain benefit. Highway running approx
    100+ KMs /tank full of Fuel (70Litres). So I know it works. I am about to
    purchase another for my 3.0 Litre Turbo Diesel Nissan Patrol. Remember
    this. If Mythbusters proved this theory correct their programme would not
    be aired anymore because it would not exist because of the OIL COMPANIES
    advertising and sponsorship of TV Networks and programmes. 

  22. peter clark says:

    Wow,Inventing something that meets any requirement’s will take a lot of
    trial and error.The physics is one thing but do not let that deter you as
    the extra energy to run such mega devices producing HHO can come from many
    other sources.Solar springs to mind,wind or even chemical reaction.Looking
    in any good electronics shop you can see large amperage solar arrays and
    inverters all seeking new homes.Go forth and scare your doubter’s.

  23. primalcaptive says:

    You are meant to ADD the hydrogen to your existing fuel, idiots!!! not try
    running the car only on hydrogen ffs!

  24. vince dawson says:

    I have dumped a 9 volt battery into a grass of water and ionized salt and
    it made more bubbles then that thing 

  25. joel pasaraba says:

    yes HHO really works.mythbusters fails because they are not using
    electrolytes and not enough hydroxy cell,they only used 2pcs tube?

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