How to build a Solar Panel $1 A WATT DIY SOLAR PANEL Part 6 humidity water solar test Buster

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  1. KITTKITT20 says:


  2. electrodacus says:

    I think using two pieces of glass one in front and one in the back is the
    best solution same as a double pane window.

  3. thelegendbullet937 says:

    I had a lightning strike like that one day when I was on my porch. I enjoy
    watching storms, and that time the storm got a little personal :P

  4. subscribeforcandy says:

    hey dan if i want to set up a grid tied home system, do my solar panels
    have to be attached to a charge controller and batteries first or can they
    just be hooked directly to the grid tie inverter and to the wall? thakns


    @MrHorsetail It does help. Tempered is best but regular glass will work.
    Just make sure you do not have drastic temp changes. Ex; hot sun then spray
    with ice cold well water from a hose.

  6. martinaee says:

    Aww… cute doggie. Poor guy. Guess it was his time.

  7. onurbykgms says:

    @00:42 you have a noise just before the lightning.Can you describe what’s
    that? Regards…

  8. Bodzsár Tamás says:

    why did you make the frame from wood? it will break in a few years from the

  9. Sinan Çetinkaya says:

    $1 A WATT DIY SOLAR PANEL Part 6 humidity water solar test Buster

  10. KnuxVeeone says:

    00:45 I SHAT BRICKS! Thats some insane weather!! How the hell do you sleep
    through that?? Peace Dan, 19 Years is a good lot, especially considering he
    had you and Denise as owners. Buster musta been super happy, sorry to hear
    about your loss. Take it easy bro.


    @onurbykgms Our power was out for 1 hour and it was really hot. The whole 1
    minute clip explains a bit better. I will upload in a few days.

  12. Laura Ward says:

    Dan, I’m so sorry to hear about Buster. Thank you for adopting him, taking
    him home, and giving him a great loving family for 16 years. I’ve started
    gathering the materials for building my panels. Karma has been with me. So
    I was thinking, where can I find some tempered glass? Then I went to the
    horse rescue ranch where I volunteer, and the ranch handyman had a stack of
    stuff out to go to the landfill, including six sliding patio doors made of
    tempered glass. Woot! Lots of FREE materials!

  13. S3YARA says:

    Thnx 4 da HELP nice Vid !!!

  14. 72fr250 says:

    I made some panels like this one but with an aluminum frame. I wanted to be
    SURE that it would never break, so I used 1/4 inch tempered glass. I only
    get 35 watts max out of the panels. Pretty disappointing. I’m sure it’s
    because the glass is so thick, and/or the resin over the cells is
    absorbing/reflecting the light :/

  15. PeekyBooo says:

    aren’t you worried about the wood warping from sun or water?

  16. ninepuente says:

    If I wanted to charge 6, 12volt acib batteries = to 72 volt what would be
    the best way to charge them

  17. Psycho0124 says:

    It sounded like a dog whining to me. He probably sensed the rising static
    charge immediately preceding the strike.

  18. Eli Moore says:

    Thanks I’m going to make 1 :)

  19. Hayden's Video Vision says:

    I’m so sad that he passed away well you were videotaping this video

  20. zstangkrewson says:

    scared teh crap outta me with that mysterious dark room, BANG!, lightning

  21. oldskoolhead0 says:

    is there anything other than glass you could use for the front that wont
    yellow or if you did use epoxy would the yellowing effect the efficiency
    significantly, i only ask as im planning on building an electric bike and
    was considering making a box within the frame to house the battery and
    thought either to use aluminium or possibly carbon fibre then saw your
    video and thought this would be an excelant face for the carbon but i dont
    really want to use glass for obvious reasons

  22. Roger Engle says:

    Dan, this video series for $1 a watt PV power has made me confidant enough
    to try it myself. About a year ago I purchased, for $10, a set similar to
    yours, (which I was able to view for free. Thank you very much!), and it
    was not nearly as informative or encouraging. The whole time I watched, I
    was going to ask where you bought the actual cells from, and in this last
    video you even shared that information. Thank you for what you’re doing on
    YouTube. I’m sure your videos are making an impact in the lives of many
    people. Keep up the good work! I’ll now go back and like every one of the
    vids in the series and share them on Facebook, for you. I’m also now
    subscribed to your channel. 

  23. Laura C. says:

    Very well explained … was wondering if you could share the name of the
    resin you used and where could we get it … ?

  24. jahlani gilbert says:

    Thank you so much for theese videos man. Definately gunna start doing this.

  25. johon sthuard says:

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