How to make a coil for a wind generator

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  1. bg0821 says:

    I am working on a wind generator as well. I used a drill with a mold like
    yours there to wind coils with like 25 gauge wire very thin takes a long
    time if I didn’t your epoxying along the way is a good idea keep from
    loosing up.

  2. renato .admana says:

    Thanks for sharing your methods and techniques. Cheers.

  3. billmalta1 says:

    Hi Aceman I just got my disc magnets 50mm dia/ 15mm I am not so sure about
    the coil (Dia/ W) dimension and wire dia… Can t find anything helping on
    the net… ;o( Any idea how should i proced? Thank s

  4. Aceman307 says:

    @billmalta1 I found some of the info for coil size to magnet size on its a forum with alot of guys from utube. Muddyman and Lynxsteam
    have good videos on electric theory that could help you also. I am working
    on another video that may help also it will be done soon.Good luck

  5. Genghis Hazara says:

    A question, can I make a antenna out of a coil, I think I could because it
    makes an electromagnetic force around itsself if you wind it in a bolt and
    connect 2 ends to positive and negative ends of an antenna to make it more
    powerful and if anyone say it doesn’t tell me how should I make a powerful
    antenna, Thanks.

  6. enticed2zeitgeist says:

    Does it have to be enamel coated copper wire? Where do you get that stuff
    anyhow and how much is it usually?

  7. The22g says:

    wow, thanks, that was really good, you have inspired me

  8. DEWessonsax says:

    I see here your using 1 strand of wire as opposed to 2 strands, what are
    the differences in volts and watts. Thanks for the upload.

  9. Aceman307 says:

    @woodburyadpost Thanks for the props. I live in Costa Rica and the mail
    system here is primative at best and cost alot to mail things. Its not to
    hard to build just using stuff laying around. If you need any help online
    let me know.

  10. Aceman307 says:

    @bushbasher46 If you look I only have 12 videos. I show all the steps for
    making a wind turbine. I cut down my videos considerably and it still takes
    about 50 minutes or 4 to 5 videos to show step by step how to do it from
    begining to end.

  11. Aceman307 says:

    I have never tested the stator using an exact RPM. emagnets has a few
    videos where he has set up his stators and can give you exact numbers for
    amps-volts -RPM. Of course these numbers really dont mean much unless you
    have a constant wind speed which most of us do not have. My generator
    produces from 0 no wind to 15 volts alot of wind. I am using 9 coils. I am
    now working with serpintine coils less time consuming to make and more
    effiecient. I am sorry not much help.

  12. mikefromspace says:

    He used 18gauge wire here with 6.5 layers, about 70 turns he says… I
    think that ace hardware has a book on winding coils with the math you’d
    need. There are different types of magnet wire btw.

  13. NiteStar131 says:

    You made winding the coils look so simple perhaps even a worn out old half
    wit such as myself might stand a chance doing it (providing I don’t totally
    screw up building your jig design LOL) but if it can be botched I will be
    the one who does it. Thank you for the enlightenment, now I only hope I can
    achieve a positive group of results. Again my thanks .To say I am not the
    sharpest pencil in the box is an understatement truth be told even the lead
    fell out long before they attempted sharpening

  14. p00nedonu says:

    how the fuck did i get linked to this video lmao NICE COILS BRO

  15. TheFreshhzd says:

    More turns in the coil would have better effect

  16. Raymond Earle says:

    Yes. Check out Muddymudman’s channel. Put in the search “Ceiling fan
    turbine” then look for Muddy. He has a complete construction video series.
    I have one operating in my garden. Video coming soon.

  17. Andy Rhude says:

    I thought that the voltage produced was a function of the number of turns
    in the coil, not the length of the wire.

  18. SGinDanish says:

    is this a must or can you use normal copper wire?

  19. cjoyner1988 says:

    Uninsulated wire only

  20. William Roges Roges says:


  21. Than Dinh says:

    What is the inner diameter and the out diameter, and what kind of magne
    neodymium do use and what is the gap distance from the magnet to the cool

  22. sunsensational says:

    Those are some tight coils. Love how use the epoxy to keep them tight.
    Looking forward to watching the rest of the videos. Thanks for sharing

  23. Linc Qimiq says:

    what size gauge of copper coil wire ?

  24. Linc Qimiq says:

    I get 20 gauge of magnet copper wire I need to know how many turns and I
    made a wooden wound .

  25. norman fernandez says:

    what size of copper did you use and how many turns and diameter ..???

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