How To Size A Battery Bank: An AIMS Power Tech Tip

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  1. AIMS Power Inverters says:
  2. TheShadyShanty says:

    so if you went pos to neg for a higher volt what good is that for. i have 3
    deep cell batts and i plan to use them as a bank, for some lights and a
    small water pump in a food trailer im building. which way would be better
    for me, do i even need all three. their all sealed dynasty ups something or
    others and a coleman 1500 inverter. thanks for your time. Steve G.
    Milwaukee Wi.

  3. AIMS Power Inverters says:

    Connect in parallel because it’s a small battery bank. If this is a mobile
    system, that will allow you to charge off your vehicle at 12 volts. However
    if you’re using a six batteries or more, connecting in series is more
    efficient, less costly, less cable necessary for your batteries, longer
    lasting batteries over time due to less current being drawn off of each
    cell. Think of is as a garden hose … by doubling the voltage, you’re
    increasing the rate at which current is pushed down the hose.

  4. AIMS Power Inverters says:

    *** if you’re using six batteries or more for your bank, a series
    connection will be more ideal. You should also check with the battery
    manufacturer to see what their recommendation for a series connection is.
    Usually, they’ll recommend going in series at around four to six batteries
    or more. I doubt they’ll recommend connecting in series with three.

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