How Wind Turbines Work – 3D Animation

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  1. gninja92 says:

    thanks this will help me with my school project

  2. RuffleTheTeacher says:

    “Oh no. Not me. I never lost control. Your face to face with the man who
    sold the world.” …. Who many people would have caught that? I’m shocked
    that the S.S. at Youtube haven’t pulled this audio for copyright violations!

  3. nickman888 says:

    R.A.P. Retards attempting poetry.

  4. hannah t says:

    thhhhhanks :D , schooool project !

  5. dzgfdg says:

    @despinapjr the oil companies don’t do shit with corruption, it’s just you
    stupid americans that don’t know any bloody thing about renewable sources
    of energy. Free energy is a lie, there can never be free energy. you will
    always lose energy through conversion

  6. dzgfdg says:

    @cloudburstlenepmhq read my other comment on this page

  7. IDrummersIRock says:

    Youniversity XD

  8. Catherine Winward says:

    @yfrimer Don’t let the rude and unkind upset you. I think they go through
    youtube just looking for people to harass. There are those that think they
    know everything, but instead of helping just try to pull others down. Very

  9. HTPtheFirst says:

    Holy fuck, this animation is probably so bad it’s actually funny. No wonder
    such Jews don’t know how to educate people.

  10. h0wud0in2 says:

    @samtech79 thats exactly what I want to find. Where is that stuff? Plus can
    I see the math? (the aero-dynamic related)

  11. Olivia Dilworth says:

    @samtech79 this is a really simple method, a short summary of the workings
    of wind turbines.

  12. yfrimer says:

    Yes, you can use this for your science project presentation! have fun

  13. Bryan Hornsby says:

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  14. Michael Fabellon says:

    this is a great help for my Science Project!

  15. Karli Scott says:

    It helps!! :):)

  16. Vile Walker says:

    Yayy nooow i can do mah homewahk

  17. ThinkStage says:

    Very cool To see more innovative videos like this or want to share your own
    ideas visit ThinkStageDOTcom

  18. M says:

    is it only one turbine supply electricity to only one building?

  19. rachaelhollyful says:

    haha great to help me in my geography lesson ^.^

  20. Indianna Bell says:

    SORRY TO THE MAKER but i am using your vid

  21. Marios867 says:

    AC DC

  22. randomguy983 says:

    A great way to not explain anything.

  23. A Ghimire says:

    How Wind Turbines Work

  24. Anılcan YILMAZ says:

    only for children i think

  25. Paolo David says:

    Can I use this one? I’ll put your name in my video for educational purpose

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