Mindcrack Feed The Beast E01 The Basics Tutorial macerator generators water mill

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  1. ImShyzzle says:

    Its Pronounced “I”-ERN”

  2. Saleenmaster1 says:

    Ty so much! I tried to play survival ftb today and failed hard! I didnt
    know how to start but after i watched ur vid i can understand everything! Ty

  3. netsurfer912 says:

    “I have some rubber balls” What are you exactly talking about? D:

  4. Wekta says:


  5. MultiDefaultplayer says:

    What modpack u are using

  6. Anna Lexa says:

    This video was actully so helpful thanks!

  7. Batmoose says:

    Nobody likes -_-

  8. Shmeh says:

    How’d u get likes on a comment that said lol?!

  9. Cameron Ty says:

    im trying to get ftb but i just dont know how to play like how they are.

  10. Shikahone Ikakuse says:

    To answer your question, if you haven’t already received this comment in
    later videos, there are multiples of the same ores because there are
    different mods that add the same things to the mod pack.

  11. Mark Alien says:

    this is one of the best tutorials that i have ever seen!

  12. ๖ۣۜTacoBear says:

    Feed The Beast is so much better than vanilla Minecraft :)

  13. Panoramic says:

    That was amazing math dawg

  14. Sam van den Bereg says:

    What version of ftb is this because mine looks diferent

  15. Ryan Cowart says:


  16. Shaun Islam says:

    Here we go, the adventure for me begins. I am going to watch every ftb
    episode u have uploaded to date. This is going to be brilliant. Thank
    VintageBeef because i seen you playing on his ftb and your ftb looked so
    much more advanced so i gave up on his and began here.

  17. Survivor X says:

    I don’t know why but i’m playing mindcrack as well and the too many items
    tells me that i need diamonds for a macerator any ideas ??

  18. SWE SCAR says:

    Tack tack trevligt Tutorial 

  19. Supa Silver says:


  20. curties says:

    what is the goal in mindcrack or is just a heavy modded minecraft with the
    same enemys and goals?

  21. JonJon Lozano says:

    Your so bad at math :)

  22. ProBound says:

    Thanks very helpfull!!

  23. Jacob Donaldson says:

    anderps dont know math

  24. Danny Megusta Santiago says:


  25. The Conflict says:

    Iam new to all this pc gaming stuff i dont even play on pc i play on a
    laptop so i tried minecraft out and reslly loved and this helped slot in
    starting out with ftb i just downloaded it

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