My Off Grid Solar RV Battery Bank Maintenance Today

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  1. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Solar battery bank maintenance and wood delivered.

  2. Goliath Mann says:

    Troy….The wind turbine blades are going to hit the wooden post in a wind
    As the wind hits the blades to rotate them.. They BEND BACK A SMALL BIT and
    smash too bits hitting the thing you have up . When you get time get some
    pvc pipe and a T joint to make a swing tale… Nice work so far… Say
    MEAOU to Baby Cat 

  3. Niche Sanchez says:

    great ta see the wind generator up ,gotta get it a little higher
    though,,should place a tail too ,.hope it works soon,i see FOOD!! lol,stay
    warm-n- safe sir………..

  4. Ken Tomlin says:

    Hopefully the wood shows up. It’s dropping to the 20′s in Michigan this

  5. freespeachrulez says:

    Are you charging at 14 or 12 volts cause at 330 watts or close to it that
    is still 20 or so amps.. Impressive! 

  6. SSanf says:

    Cripes! How do you reply to a comment now???

  7. Neil Shubert says:

    Hey, you do check the level of the batteries distilled water right? you
    must do that at least once a month!

  8. DIYSolar101 says:

    Pull Chris’s camper to the other side of your stove room and pipe him some
    heat, then both of you can keep the firewood cut and burning.

  9. ahnay says:

    I dont know how far away the stream is, if you can use it to make
    electricity and bring it close enough for your own use, but just fell upon
    this url and thought you might/could use it: Free power from a recycled
    washing machine, generating enough to live off the grid

  10. Link Knight says:

    have the charge controller at the opposite end to the inverter? I’ve never
    heard something so whacked! its not water, it’s just power going thru
    wires. there would be no difference between the volts on one end of the
    battery bank to the other. you got to go over 5 meters, actually WAY more
    to see any difference in voltage. make sure when you leave the place that
    you take heaps of wood with you. take a week or two to move and take out a
    load or 2 at night or when the landlady is away or doing something else.
    contrary to what some say, I got no creosote burning softwood, and got it
    burning hardwood (a kind renowned for it).

  11. lee986321 says:

    Ok every one, Lets have some cake:
    Manyof us fail in what one can do with a low wattage unit such as a crock
    Cooking a Cake.mp4
    this is a test , if it should work then we have our video sharing back if
    not..oh well.
    Oh if you do not want comments to show up in google plus Uncheck “Show in
    google plus.” not Droid devices will need to Be in “View as Desktop mode”
    and the device only will cut and past if you are using a Keybard and use
    CRTL+V oH Dear lord becarefull because it jsut gave me a tiny ad for
    Verizon. and that is with adblock on.

  12. lee986321 says:

    looks like they are doing a new commenting forum.. hopefully it will kill
    trolling. at any rate , looks like wind is going to come your way, maybe it
    will give you chance to see what that tiny wind turbine can do.

    EDit: we can now edit..This feels like almost like “Live fire”

  13. Too Nerdy says:

    I enjoy watching your videos daily. It seems you have a great network of
    friends who send you stuff. Thats great. Good Luck !! Stay warm my friend

  14. MrBugsier5 says:

    @extended, no she will not get hurth, the battery amps dont matter, its the
    voltage that cares, the resistance off the cat is around 10000 ohms or
    more, the micro amps that will flow in that case are neclectable, the 600
    amphr the bats can deliver doest count in this case, cold cranking at short
    with zero ohms will be mutch more than 600, at full battery’s can be at
    least twice as mutch., but has nothing to do with the baby cat.

  15. ometec says:

    Troy if you’re making smoke because you’ve reduced the amount of air
    getting to the file, then you’re making creosote. Running “hot” from time
    to time could be russian roulette with catching that creosote on fire. Best
    solution is do what you can not to make it.

  16. Zen Kitteh says:

    RIP Quick Grits

  17. MrCrf450rider says:

    Troy,I am curious about the issue with the RV not running.Do You know what
    is wrong with it?.Hopefully nothing too serious.Good progress,stay warm !.

  18. Andrew Kumler says:

    I discovered your videos here a few weeks ago just by chance. Ive been
    catching up on them and quite enjoy them. Thanks for taking the time to
    share with us.

  19. Camper Hollow says:

    I’ve been reading more about the fire in the barrel stove and even though
    I’m not an expert with these types of stoves, I do know that hard wood is a
    better choice over softwood. I am enjoying the arguments concerning the
    balance between airflow and the difference between logs and split wood
    because I would like to understand it better myself. It does make sense
    that if the lower damper is opened enough to allow more air flow that you
    could actually use less wood and still maintain a hotter fire. However,
    there is the other concern that Troy has raised about the fire burning all
    night and to obtain that is another balancing act where if the fire burned
    too hot it would not heat all night. Which, if I am reading things right
    could be the cause of the fast build up of creosote. I will appreciate any
    info anyone has to add. I have been thinking on getting a wood burning
    stove for a tent and want to learn more about the balance before doing so.

  20. Dennis Lindell says:

    For the record, Troy does ask for donations. Look at his comments below the
    video title as the video plays.

    The bottom section says: Please donate to help keep The Off Grid Project

    I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this. Just that some people need
    to get their facts in order. (In fact, I hope some will donate after seeing
    this as he needs some help.)

  21. david onuszko says:

    use a dimmer switch to change the speed of your fan

  22. David Russell says:

    At 13:33…what is that in the sky?

  23. goodcat1982 says:

    would sealed batteries not be better? No maintenance? 

  24. Veronica Myers says:

    question about solar power :

    could using mirrors to reflect sunlight into panels help ?

    I’ve never used solar,so I just wonder …

  25. lee986321 says:

    And remember Look for buldging a very dangerous condition that can occur.

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