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  1. 2012solarful says:

    Nice system!! How many batteries do you have?

  2. scoomagee says:

    great system love seing more ppl heading in the self sufficent independent

  3. Ryan Romero says:

    What are the AMP hours on the batteries total? And how long with no sun can
    you power everything? You have enough batteries for all night? I love this
    system, in fact I am trying to do just what you did. The best thing I like,
    is how you simply removed the breaker from one panel and put it in the
    other, OMG. awesome idea!

  4. Ray Kodiak says:

    cool system dude, thanks for sharing!

  5. F Krueger says:

    Why did you have the meter on millivolts when reading Amps?

  6. Ryan Romero says:

    Panels:1600W/12V=133.33 AMPS (IN) 6Hrs = 799.98 Amps in per day @ 100%
    Battery Bank:1600AMP Hrs/50% Usable(800)amps 70% Recommended 12.32
    (1150W-Washing Machine)95.83amps(250w-Xbox)20.83amps(250W-PS3)20.83amps
    (1200W-dishwasher)100amps(300w-blender)25amps(800w-Coffee Maker)66.66
    (1200w-slow cooker)100amps(300w-Desktop Computer)25amps(300w-Desktop
    (150w-Sound Reciever)12.5amps(50w-Ceiling
    Assuming the ONLY FULL TIME appliance is the Fridge;(62.5)AMP DRAW x 8HRS
    Night = 500Amps
    Cutting it close, Ever thought about putting a AC timmer on the Fridge.
    I can see running “ONE item” at a time, but even by doing so your bank gets
    dangerously close
    to dying. Is most of this stuff done in the day time? While you can just
    use the direct power?

  7. technics6 says:

    A lot of talking about amps and volts, but not much about energy. How much
    enegy [kWh] you produce per month?

  8. brian barger says:

    Great home made system. One question. Do you know why your charge
    controllers are showing different battery levels? One says full and the
    other says half full or yellow. Im building my own also and im always
    wanting to learn. I have a few ideas about why they are different.

  9. Hiroki Miyano says:

    Are you in So Cal? Could you help me set up a solar EV charging system?

  10. beageek2 says:

    Hi, I like the commitment you have made. I also like the led tubes. Can
    you provide a link for those? On a different note. You are using way to
    small cable. While I know that a amperage chart may show you can use that
    guage. But you are experiencing huge loses. I say this as an Electrical
    Engineer. Other wise. Good job.

  11. adele doni says:

    Nice solar system, could you reduce batteries quantity instead of applying
    16 engine batteries use 8 telecom batteries?

  12. Dennis Clark says:

    good job dude very nice you could run the dryer and stove off gas

  13. tdg911 says:

    What is your monthly kwh usage and how much have you invested in solar so
    far? What is your monthly savings from grid bill? Nice system btw!

  14. Goodol Joe says:

    I appreciate your enthusiasm and thank you sharing your setup with us.
    Maybe I’m missing something here but rough calculations considering 100w =
    1A @ 100v, your panel setup of (6x85w=510w=5.1a, 2x125w=250w=2.5a,
    10x85w850w=8.5a) totals 15.1 amps. This does not include any loss which
    means you’re panel setup can only be producing approximately 15amps total
    at best. So the 19amps + 18amps is not possible and certainly not 48 amps
    coming in. I think you might be adding your input + your output or
    something else like that, not sure.

  15. Dr James A McBean says:

    The secret here, you have done electronics, and that make it possible for
    you. Thanks for sharing.

  16. FL Donna says:

    wow it looks good and you didn’t make holes in your roof. Smart!

  17. Jon Phillips says:

    Nice video man, thanks for sharing.

  18. Teen Film Maker says:

    Just started a YouTube Channel… Please subscribe

  19. thesupermom1975 says:

    Do you run your a/c and heating on solar?

  20. theoneagain says:

    what you need to do is connect 4 panels in series at 48 volt more volts the
    buy an outback flexmax 80 they go up to 150 volts and connect your
    batteries 24 volts the outback converts 48 volts down to 24 volts works
    without a fuss Believe you me you wont be dissapointed and you will never
    run again on 12 volts. 

  21. theoneagain says:

    oh you might have to change your inverters to 24 volts mine is 24 volts at
    3000 watts i power my hopme completely just like yourself works better than
    before i was on 12 volts i will never go back infact i would love to go on
    36 volts but thatmeans i would have to get rid of my inverter again at 500
    euros a piece NO thanks

  22. theoneagain says:

    i produce 6.5 KWH a day and most of the time im on float mode because
    batteries a re full 

  23. Anthony Hope says:

    Great job! 

  24. monosurge says:

    You see like an intelligent person with a lot invested in money and self
    education. I enjoyed your video, but I have to make a critical suggestion.
    That is that you never run your panels directly into the battery bank. Your
    voltage output is too high to consider it CCCV healthy. Plenty of 100 amp
    controllers on the market to take care of your total needs. Better to spend
    that money now, than on prematurely failed batteries.

  25. Steve Peterson says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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