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Are you ready to live off grid?

We citizens of the Earth’s developed nations are beset with information and urgings to become “green.”  The terminology alone runs the gamut from “living responsibly” through “limiting our carbon footprint” to “saving the planet for our children.”  Many of us periodically feel guilty and/or determined to change our habits.  Ultimately, most of us become bogged down in the everyday chores of living and end up feeling ineffectual, powerless and overwhelmed.


I place myself in the above-described group.  However, I intend to share my plan for leaving that indecision and inactivity behind.  Every one of us has a tape of family truisms in his or her head; sometimes that advice plays at the perfect time to save missteps and sometimes the timing is dreadful.  My agenda is based on several adages to navigate the myriad sources of information and advice and arrive at a plan I can live with and see through to completion.


Here is the foundation I envision to get my family started:

Know yourself.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Do your homework.

Set your own priorities.

Remember this is a process.


Right now, I suggest that we commit to some introspection.  Hold on to the fact that each of us will have unique answers, and no one will benefit from comparisons to others.  Be honest.

Are you ready to live off grid?

Is your intention to save the Earth?  Do you simply want to be less dependent on fossil fuels?  Are members of your family allergic to environmental toxins?  Is your home difficult to cool or heat?  Will your family contribute time and passion to basic changes?  How much time are you able to devote to information gathering?  What about financial resources and ability to “spend now in order to save later?”  Are you seeking to be totally independent and self-sufficient?  Or are you comfortable with smaller, incremental steps?  Will using sustainable methods and materials be enough to assuage your conscience?  How at ease are you with stepping out of the ordinary?  Do you like being in the company of so-called trendsetters?  Does your daily schedule allow flexibility to accommodate new routines?  Are our modern luxuries too essential to consider alterations?  Will changes you adopt give you more pleasure by reducing financial costs or by increasing your home’s comfort-level, or by giving you a sense personal satisfaction?

be indedependent


Check in with this site occasionally and find out my take on awareness of one’s surroundings.  Until then, work on your answers to the above questions.  If you take the time to consider yourself and your family, it will yield benefits in every decision made, in money spent and in satisfaction over time.


–Cy Fletcher

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