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  1. brazwen says:

    I want to build a wind turbine that is so damn noisy to drive neighbours
    out the neighbourhood.

  2. shawn foster says:


  3. trinh nguyen says:


  4. Anton Antoshka says:

    Very interesting and exciting video, more to these, thanks to the author.

  5. jony apkins says:

    good video

  6. Elena Polnikova says:

    GOOD !!!!

  7. social1 says:

    i will tell my mom about this.

  8. linhkutaz01 says:

    good video

  9. NỮ PHUONG says:

    vdat jump rope car do!??

  10. linh nguyen says:


  11. daza suki says:

    vKeep up the good work man :) This was a good little videov

  12. Meo van Meo says:

    .cool vid,ve.ry smart idea to make…

  13. Mr John nguyễn says:


  14. Vinh long Van says:

    .its a great place to read our tweets for a second time.

  15. thy ngoc thy says:

    .lol like it so much.

  16. Va va Vin says:

    .dont do it at home :))

  17. phuong mai says:

    Sweet video bro

  18. thuy nguyen says:


  19. xuyên nguyen says:

    like this video

  20. Tran Thu says:

    well done

  21. Nam Tuấn says:

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    electricity, how many can compete with such a solid green energy capability
    like your home wind turbine delivers. Its also an attention getter and will
    bring people to see what its about if you ever need to sell, your home has
    a dramatic edge and a higher resale value.

    The home wind turbine systems are designed for reliable power output for
    the next 30 years or so. With every price increase of the utility company
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  22. meo ta meo says:


  23. techtiptricks says:

    Quality, Neat, clean professional install. Great job and product

  24. mensur mustofa says:

    simple and very important technology

  25. gfexc says:

    What we need to see is the setup for the 3 turbines. Wires, boxes, etc.

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