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  1. SmallWindTurbines says:

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    Kits are running in about 40 different states of the US. Wide base of good
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  2. trinh nguyen says:


  3. Parker frank says:

    yeah, you are king of wind power

  4. Anton Antoshka says:

    Very interesting and exciting video, more to these, thanks to the author.

  5. jony apkins says:

    nice video

  6. social1 says:

    very good technology

  7. linhkutaz01 says:

    good video

  8. NỮ PHUONG says:

    vLmao epic triple feed bro loving it.

  9. Meo dai Meo says:

    .in ur face al Qaeda? :D…

  10. Meo Meo la says:

    .WOW liked…

  11. daza suki says:

    vNicely done!v

  12. Vpop entertainment Teen says:

    .nice game and vid.

  13. Meo van Meo says:

    .i think that Tripple kill turned me. on DAMN! lol! :)…

  14. Mr John nguyễn says:

    .i like this .

  15. john nguyen says:

    .OK the memories at Sam Houston? .

  16. Vinh long Van says:

    .Good job man:) I like it..

  17. thy ngoc thy says:

    .Wow! I really think that the issues bro.ught up in this video are

  18. Va va Vin says:

    .very well done!

  19. phuong mai says:

    nice job

  20. Luc Tieu Phung says:

    good job! guys

  21. tin vuutranchi says:

    this video cheers me up a lot.

  22. diệu huyền says:

    i have faith in you man

  23. agf vũ anh quân says:

    what song did you use

  24. meo ta meo says:

    its a great place to read our tweets for a second time

  25. marquezca1 says:

    Anyone ever complain about the view? I wouldn’t mind, but I’m sure you’d
    have someone unhappy about it. Ever run into city ordinance issues or
    anything like that?

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