Solar Panel “Solar Farm” – backyard “mini-farm” (18A – 280W) – DIY

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  1. MrMadMax478 says:

    what are you doing with the power???

  2. desertsun02 says:

    just about anything you can imagine. runs most things at my house (all but
    the largest items). small freezer fridge, tvs, stereos, computers, lights,
    fans to name a few.

  3. WORRO01 says:

    Hey man, this is cool!! Keep growing!

  4. Jayar Flores says:


  5. Robert Landrum says:

    I’ve got one of those HF solar panel kits myself. Right now, I’m just using
    it as emergency backup power. It’s keeping an 85 Ah deep cycle battery

  6. MrMadMax478 says:

    Need to have a look at Video done by lasersaber Have a look at his video
    12V BoostPack. Replaces auto battery. Works great! This would be a great
    way to run High Power Items for a short amount of time without wearing your
    battery out.

  7. faisal zahid says:

    Where you buy the panel from

  8. nosuckas says:

    Have you seen any changes in your light bill? How many batteries do you
    have connected? What hard is it to maintain everything ? If you run
    something that takes a lot of power does it drain the batteries and how
    long before they charge up again to have usable power ? I know a lot of
    questions but I’m very interested in buying some solar panels

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