Solar Power Off-Grid Battery Bank Testing – Charging

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  1. shartne says:

    So what was the percentage lost to heat when charging the batteries when
    comparing amp hours put in and amp hours saved? Is that calculable with
    using the trimetric and the windy nation meters?

  2. Fearlessthinker says:

    @shartne That’s a good question. The watt meter was reading the watts from
    the panels but I did not specifically measure the watts to the battery at
    the same moment. In reviewing the volts and amps to the battery it appears
    that the losses were about 6.5%. For instance, at one point I showed 461w
    from the panels and 431w to the battery (VxA using the Trimetric).

  3. shartne says:

    @Fearlessthinker Well that would be a more efficient use than the gti. But
    then there would be the loss converting to ac to actually use the power
    unless you have a dc refrigerator or lights which would be the best way to
    get the most efficiency from your batteries.

  4. Fearlessthinker says:

    @shartne Yes, good point. Batteries also lose their charge naturally over
    time. There is no free lunch. My efforts are to help all of us understand
    these trade-offs and maybe it will lead to some new innovations. Thanks
    Scott … you’re videos a great inspiration to me and to the DIY crowd, so
    keep them coming.

  5. Fearlessthinker says:

    @zerofour04au Thanks. You too!

  6. Fearlessthinker says:

    @mbrenengen Thanks. I do have a turbine that I rebuilt (see my videos), but
    it wll be next spring before I get it installed. Stay tuned!

  7. Rodrigo Fungaro says:

    thanks for sharing your videos, I’m learning a lot from them. I am building
    a small circuit and need to know if the wattmeter must be installed between
    the panel and solar controller or between the solar controller and battery?

  8. Fearlessthinker says:

    @rmfungaro It can be used in either place. Some people put one in both
    places. I have mine between the panel and the solar controller becauase I
    have meters already from the solar controller to the battery bank. Thanks.

  9. Prancinglion1 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge through your videos. I’ve picked
    up some good information from you. But I di have a question I hope you
    could answer for me. What is the maximum voltage you would charge a 12V
    deep cycle battery bank with? I’m building a few large panels, and they are
    either going to be 22V or 14V due to the size of the free glass I have. I’m
    thinking 14V is not enough, and 22V is a little too high. Suggestions?
    Thanks in advance, Doug

  10. Fearlessthinker says:

    The voltage will be set by the battery, not the panels, however the panels
    have to be capable in normal sun to produce a higher voltage than the
    battery or no current will flow. If your 22V is the open circuit voltage,
    then the maximum power point voltage will be about 17V which is good for
    charging 12V battery banks.

  11. Prancinglion1 says:

    Is there a limit to how much current or (Amps) you should charge a 12V
    battery bank? Thanks in advance, Doug

  12. Fearlessthinker says:

    Let’s talk about (1) 12V deep cycle battery rated at 110 AH capacity (C).
    The rule of thumb is to charge at a max C/8 of the AH rating, so 13.75 amps
    in “bulk” stage, then maintain a much lower rate for absorption and float
    stages. Usiing a 3-stage charger like the Solar Boost takes care of these
    stages. This is per 12V battery, btw.

  13. 16vastraturbo says:

    can you charge the batterys and use them at the same time with a wind or
    solar setup?

  14. Fearlessthinker says:

    Absolutely! That is what is normally done. For instance we are using the
    batteries to run the home refridgerator full-time. Good question.

  15. Mark Cam says:

    What a great system ……Thanks for showing it, and I love the soft music
    in the background ……….

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