The DIY World Installing Solar Panels On A Home In Australia PT4

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  1. The Do It Yourself World says:

    Part four of a complete solar panel and power system installation on a

  2. Pascal Fortin says:

    i hope you are enjoying yourself when are you headed back 

  3. adam brown says:

    You rippa , I’m the first to give this video what it deserves. A BIG THUMBS

  4. Link Knight says:

    troy your title says part 4 and the description says its the third video. i
    think the description may be wrong. possibly.

  5. Link Knight says:

    that cig lighter plug wire is about the size I used on the solar fridge.
    you’ll see it anyway.

  6. Oldtimer Lee says:

    Another thumbs up on this project. Once again, thanks for sharing install
    concepts with us. Like the bench/box design, because it can also be done
    outdoors by incorporating weather proofing, if there’s no space available
    in a sheltered location. Instead of a flat top, slanting one to shed rain.
    Wire entrances & exits can be done with suitable waterproof exterior outlet
    box covers. And/or underneath with applicable gaskets. Naturally
    ventilation/insulation would be taken into consideration based on climate
    where installed.

  7. HappySlave1 says:

    No fuse on the Cigarette outlet, any reason for this

  8. Paul Mathews says:

    Did it start raining towards the end, got massive static ?

  9. BigDirtyBasterd says:

    I the trolls act fast…. :/

  10. BigDirtyBasterd says:

    Any update on the camper? The north east has been getting hit hard while
    you are in aussyland.

  11. SylwerDragon says:

    Yes as i see it it looks ok. to me

    Few suggestions.

    - Light charged need fuse for sure
    - AC outlet should not be on the floor. a bit water on the floor..and you
    have dead person..
    - Fuse should be always first switch after but well i suppose you could
    switch it.
    - That ac/dc converter looked a bit loose there. I hope you did something
    about it :)
    - Still i didn’t see any went for hot and cold air. two wents to be exact
    with proper grils on them so ( you don’t want any visitor there :) ) .
    - Ac should have fuse as well.
    - Now i’m not sure about this or about regulation. But here you can’t put
    any equipment(or outlets) on flammable surface (wood for example) there
    always must be something that flames will not touch.
    - I’m not sure about quality of that inverter and what it will do when it
    is overheated but well i suppose you know what you got there :)

  12. BC ElginTex says:

    Nice. I would suggest a thick gauge screen (or a metal plate) over the
    hole you cut (to keep out mice, etc). Also some fans with thermal sensors
    (thermal switch or thermostat) to bring in outside air and vent internal
    air for cooling. The owner might consider this some time in the future.
    Also, some sort flame resistant (fire/heat block) material between the
    components and the flammable material (i.e.; the box).

  13. shartne says:

    You dont need to fuse your solar panels. But you do want to fuse the
    battery. put the fuse a few inches away from the pos post. going to the
    controller. No need to fuse the solar panel.

  14. swanyut says:

    well done over all…pretty much the plan for my setup…waiting for a
    couple of bus bars with fuses to arive to connect my panels to before going
    into the controller

    just a few suggestion.

    1) as i remember the fuse for the inverter is 60 amps….that 12volt socket
    should have a separate fuse on it rated around 10 amps….as troy
    said…the socket already getting warm at 6 amp use
    2) place a block of wood that extends beyond the 12v socket mount to
    protect the socket from being bumped .
    3) since unit is outside maybe staple a flap of plastic/leather over top of
    socket to act as a rain shield

  15. MrBugsier5 says:

    Hy Troy, I miss a fuse 20 amps in the ligter poitive, in case of a short
    you will frie the thin wire!,also miising a fuse in the positive lead from
    battery to solar regulator. In my opinion the fridge you are useing drawes
    a lot of amps, a compressor type will draw a lot less, also available on 12
    and 24 volts.., its what we do here often on the boats.

  16. hitechguy18 says:

    What you should of done is wire the 12v Socket to the controller [20A Load
    This way the Controller can Prevent the Battery from being overdrawn due
    the controller will cut the power if battery’s get too low
    Controller will also act as a self resetting 20A fuse So when there is a
    overdraw of AMPs it will isolate the 12v socket

  17. GreenDesertCamper says:

    Nice going Troy. I agree with the others, I would only run 120w continuous,
    and fuse the lighter socket. Take care Buddy, miss you at home! lol

  18. Beth DeRoos says:

    Listening to the rain and then seeing the power strip sitting on the cement
    I was curious if that could be attached to the side of the wood box to keep
    water off of it.

  19. Camper Hollow says:

    This project turned out very well. It will help me if I ever set up my own.

  20. ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven says:

    Things are changing for the worse back home…more corporate assaults on
    your right to NOT pay corporations for things you don’t use.

    Basically, they’re trying to say that you MUST be hooked into the grid in
    some way, so you MUST pay for it…even if you don’t use it.

  21. Randy Musick says:

    Troy I really wish that these people that have this huge crush on you would
    give it up and move on. They obviously don’t know how to express themselves
    properly. I myself just enjoy watching and learning and seeing places I
    wouldn’t otherwise. Well Troy be safe.

  22. 2012solarful says:

    Very well done Troy :-) Keep up the hard and good quality work.

  23. MrCrf450rider says:

    Troy,Is this something that they will be using all the time,or just in a
    emergency ?Looks like it came out good.

  24. sompa reza says:

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