25 Responses to “Wind Generators – Good or Bad?”

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  1. Lansing Allison says:

    There had been plain in Florida to use Hydro-Generate from the Gulf stream
    20 miles off of Cocobeach but finding the money to start it was impossible
    since the 1960s

  2. bravododger says:

    I could see several turbines (dozens) causing vertigo. But one…no way.
    That said, I’m going to do some research…anyone contact MythBusters yet???

  3. hydrofuelincanada says:


  4. Forestwalker111 says:

    Stimulationg topic, great video. Hmmm

  5. Suburban BushCrafter says:

    Anything is better than fracking fluid, anything. Without clean drinking
    water, we are all sunk. The best solution for energy is simply to use less
    of it, so take that electric can-opener, and the second, third, and fourth
    tv sets, and drop them in the nearest proper recycle depository.

  6. L Prepper says:

    Frequencies? Really? My bull shit sense is going off. Is there any legit
    research concerning these frequencies?

  7. envirosponsible says:

    Not my claim. I’ve seen several shows (not that tv is a credible source)
    with people who live near wind farms claiming that they’re getting sick
    from the resonance these create. Not sure if it’s BS so I turn to the
    experts – you guys.

  8. TacticalBaconMN says:

    I have one by my house. It actually charges large battery cells that get
    taken to bring power somewhere else. Not sure if they all do that but
    thought that was kinda neat considering I thought that it produced power
    for its surrounding area. Keep the survival vids coming!

  9. L Prepper says:

    I know it wasn’t you, but you know, until see real research, I am going to
    roll my eyes at these NIMBY folk.

  10. Emma Gee says:

    Some europeen countries use hundreds if not thousands of wind driven
    generators, and I don’t remember ever hearing about such claims…

  11. roadhog1986 says:

    ive never heard that claim but if i had a couple of them in my back yard
    making free power i would care less about what they look like but as for
    making people sick i mean come on it wasnt that long ago that every farm
    had one and they got by just fine

  12. Daninja42 says:

    I think they are good, I think the low frequency is not true but I don’t
    know. There are things that are much more likely to effect your health..

  13. John Dillinger says:

    I’m not sure about if they’re a better solution than solar, but I don’t
    think they cause headaches and the like. If you’re to accept that they do,
    it would have to be an extremely conditional circumstance, seeing as we
    deal with so many fans and other rotating objects; you’d have to say “well,
    it’s because it’s approximately this size and spins at just the right
    speed, and the whole apparatus vibrates enough to make this tone, and it’s
    made of the right material to make the sound this way.”

  14. Lansing Allison says:

    I would love to replace the Nuclear power station at the Turkey Point in
    Super South Florida

  15. sexyxenomorph says:

    it does effect things like analog radios and TV’s so their frequencies do
    pass into that sector however, TV and Radio frequencies are constantly
    going on and we would all be sick if that’s the case.

  16. Nick Moore says:

    If you look at the symptoms that turbines supposedly cause you’ll find a
    lot of similarities to the symptoms of victims of “witchcraft” in the past.
    It boils down to people being afraid of stuff they don’t understand and
    lashing out because they don’t want to learn. I wish they would put more of
    them up here in Ontario but the farmers are superstitious and have been
    fighting it.

  17. MrMekune says:

    Its a load of shit. Those people that are ‘getting ill’ are simply getting
    stressed by the fact theres a 10 story wind turbine that can be seen from
    their backyard. The REALLY big ones do mess up wild life in areas due to
    animals being more receptive to noise and wind turbines inland are horribly
    inefficient as well. The only places you SHOULD put them in shore lines
    where the wind is nigh perpetual instead of inland unless its on top of a
    high hill.

  18. citytaxi says:

    how can it infect a person i think its just a fakeass excuse for people who
    dont want these things in their neighbourhood because of loss of value of

  19. Yankeeprepperasshat says:

    Apparently this is happening in Japan. Entire towns are getting sick from
    the em field.

  20. Daniel Marasigan says:

    That’s my childhood wind turbine.

  21. randacnam7321 says:

    They are talking about infrasound (remember that journalists tend to come
    from the ‘need a leading zero to have a 3 digit IQ’ side of the bell curve).

  22. randacnam7321 says:

    The main issues with these things are ice shedding, unstable output,
    bird/bat mortality and debris from catastrophic failure. That, and they
    generate AT MOST 30% of their rated capacity and require constantly idling
    backup generators for when the wind stops. Wind and solar are only useful
    for off grid battery systems.

  23. envirosponsible says:

    Very cool. Thanks for pointing that out.

  24. ImMADasAMeatAxe says:

    well i just ordered wind turbine at around 600w output yesterday from china
    i hope it doesnt cause all those things cause im going to mount them from
    the balcony of the house, will make a video when it arrives if people get
    sick from wind turbines then they will also get sick from the alternator in
    their car i cant see how wind turbines are any different to any other
    electric motor or generator if they dont get sick from those things,, and
    they get sick from the wind turbine,,makes no sense yea

  25. MrTpengineer says:

    LOL! That low frequency BS is made up by oil companies. I live next to 40,
    no, surrounded by it! Never experienced anything. Here it supposedly causes
    “epilepsy”, made up by some guy that drives a black lifted suv. -_-

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